With a Little Help From Our Friends

Alan Collins, friend of On Your Feet Entertainment
We are  $25 away from reaching $1,000! Awesome! While we still have a long way to $10,000, the flexible funding option from Indiegogo allows us to fund our project even if we don’t reach our goal. Every little bit helps! 

There have been some wonderful friends of On Your Feet Entertainment out there who have been active in sharing our fundraising site and raising their Internet voices to say “please donate here!” Their efforts have been so helpful and motivating, thank you all. One friend in particular, Alan Collins, has been a huge advocate of our campaign! A fellow filmmaker, Alan is working his butt off starting his production company, MeetShrimp Films. To view is work and help him in his own fundraising efforts, please click here to view his website.

January is just beginning and we’re already planning for our shoot in February when we’ll be kicking in into  high gear by filming teacher interviews, the student lottery, and lots of interviews. So much to do and we’re not even halfway there.

Special thanks for recent donations go out to:
-Betsy Walker
-Rebecca Schoen
-Kelsey Vance

If you would like to donate or share… go to our fundraising site!


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