In the Works

Photo by Juergen Alex Hechenberger

If you couldn’t tell by the last time we had a post up, On Your Feet Entertainment has been busy creating and refining some amazing projects. From the early stages of writing and storyboarding two fiction shorts that will be shot this spring, to the final stages of editing our documentary as well as the behind the scenes look at the life of a writer, it makes sense that blogging has taken a bit of a back seat.

Tonight we add to the list of our behind the scenes films with a  promotional video we’re making for the Miami University Theatre Department’s production of Angels in America by Tony Kushner.

very much looking forward to returning to my theatrical roots and sharing in the making of one of the greatest and most challenging plays. Interested in a behind the scenes look at what goes in to creating a live performance? Check back because we’ll be posting some stills from our shoot over the weekend.

You cry, but you endanger nothing in yourself.
 It’s like the idea of crying when you do it. 
Or the idea of love.”
                                                              -Prior, Angels in America



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