Big Huggin’ Promotional Video

The Big Huggin’ promotional video is complete! This video was a lot of fun to make, which helps because you can always tell in the final product if/when someone has had a great shoot. What made this process even more rewarding is getting the final thumbs up from our client! That’s what we’re looking for!
Here is some background information on the process of making this promotional video:
Get organized. This is a lesson I learned very early in theatre and when you can When the game designer contacted me about filming a promotional video for his unconventional video game, I made sure to make note of all the important information that I could confirmed at that moment. Examples would be,
  1. When do you need the completed version by?
  2. How long do you want the video to be?
  3.  What is the purpose of this video? 

Once the general questions about the video have been answered, it all comes down to the DETAILS. Working with a client on a creative project shouldn’t be scary. As long as you are listening closely to the adverbs they are using when describing the product they envision, you will be able to find a solid direction to take. If you need more adverbs from them, just ask for a description/image/feeling. A little sappy, but very effective. 
  Think outside the box. Remember that since you are the one making the film, there will be a part of you in that project. Don’t leave yourself out of the equation because it is not “your idea.” I added my personal experience to the mix of ideas and made a suggestion. I had seen some shots of the video game prior to our initial meeting, so my first reactions to this very original game were still fresh in my mind. I remembered feeling intrigued, confused, giggly, and somewhat uncomfortable all at the same time. Pretty much exactly what the video game is trying to do to its audience; break down the preconstructed boundaries that have been established by more traditional video games. During our meeting I suggested filming those initial reactions by setting the video game up in a location with a lot of foot traffic. There we would capture the journey from first impression to game playing enjoyment. 

Overall, it is my belief that you should always Stay positive. The day we were scheduled to shoot I was coming off of very little sleep from a night shoot AND it was supposed to rain all day. With the power of coffee and the wonders of a weatherman proven wrong, we had an excellent shoot and collected all the footage we needed. 
So without further ado, here is Big Huggin’: Games need more hugging 


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