Behind the Scenes: The Fiction Writer

The first “Behind the Scenes” video shoot took place over the weekend “break” from the documentary shoot. One of the services On Your Feet Entertainment will offer in the future is the “Behind the Scenes” video. This shoot was focused around Sara Rauch, a fiction writer who runs the blog Simple. Creative. Life. You can read her work here
The Behind the Scenes video is specifically for bloggers, companies, and artists to showcase themselves as well as their work. On the shoot with Sara we spent some time in her home, filming and discussing her life as a writer. The final video will be around five minutes long with the goal of capturing who this writer is as well as to offer a glimpse inside what it might be like to be a full time writer.
I had an enjoyable evening with Sara and her partner Sasha and their three cats (also included in the film). The footage looks excellent and I look forward to sharing the fully edited version with them. 
For the time being, here are some of the first few stills from our shoot.
A sneaky shot. Sara takes a moment to think over what she would like to incorporate in her video. She didn’t know I was recording. 

The anticipation of what might come from the touch of a keyboard.

The writer

It helps when you have a beautiful location filled with beautiful people.

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